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Nudea, Join Our Fit Rebellion

Posted byLingerie Journal Staffon Tuesday, November 19, 2019 ·Leave a Comment

“We are staging a rebellion against badly fitted lingerie.” – Priya Downes.

N udea,, is a newly launched fit-centric intimates brand offering expertly crafted, comfortable lingerie that fits without compromising on a feminine aesthetic.

Founded by Priya Downes and Sophie Morgenthaler who met while working on the launch of Fiorucci’s underwear collection. Born out of both co-founders’ personal frustrations when shopping for intimates which were either boring basics or extravagant pieces for special occasions, typically designed for the “male gaze”. As modern women they felt uninspired by the product and shopping experience that currently existed, and so Nudea was born.

Nudea CEO and Co-Founder, Priya Downes, explains: “Together, we’ve been building Nudea to fill a gap in the market: beautifully made lingerie that actually fits. The UK underwear market is currently polarized, with established High Street names dominating with body basics and tired, traditional throwaway fashion. At are expensive designer brands focused on occasion lingerie or niche solutions. New disruptors focus on androgynous fashion to attract younger shoppers yet have de-emphasised the design and craft of lingerie. Nudea’s aim is to use the best of new design technology to offer better options to the modern woman.”

Do a little dance, sing a little song – get fitted tonight ⁠ ⁠ It’s Friday and we bet you’re thinking about how great it would have been to be at one of our bra fitting party tonight… ⁠ ⁠ Head to our site now to register your interest and we’ll see what we can do ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #friday #brafitting #fitparty #friyay

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Nudea Creative Director and Co-Founder, Sophie Morgenthaler, adds: “Nudea’s mission is simple: to create beautifully crafted, functional underwear that not only fits and looks better, but can be worn throughout the day without compromising on comfort. We both felt that there wasn’t a brand out there offering both style AND everyday comfort for modern women, and that’s what Nudea is all about – comfortable underwear that still un-boxes as special lingerie.”

Prior to launch, Nudea’s team dissected and re-engineered all the components that make up even the most basic of bras and knickers with fit and comfort in mind. Using Katie’s Medium page and moisture-wicking fabrics, lightweight hardwear and bonding techniques, Nudea delivers smooth, invisible finishes and a contemporary aesthetic without compromising on fit and comfort.

Every single performance component used across the Nudea range has been specifically selected for best in class performance including:

High performance microfibres in Nudea’s Second Skin collection are sportswear grade fabrics with moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and heat moderating properties. All elastics are high modulus microfibre for continuous stretch to smooth and hug the body.

After almost two years in development, Nudea is launching with 27 bra sizes ranging from 30A to 38E. The next priority is adding F and FF sizes to the range after Christmas 2019. A fuller bust collection of styles 32-44 F-HH will also launch in Summer/ High Summer 2020.

Direct to consumer and online-only, Nudea is breaking industry norms by modernizing the measuring process, with a true focus on user experience and customer satisfaction – from initial online browse through to delivery.

Nudea’s online fit quiz created with intelligent algorithms recommends perfect fit, taking into account current fit issues, bust shape and height through a quick set of questions completed in less than 60 seconds. Carlotta Ghigi, Nudea’s in-house bra technologist and expert fitter, has been instrumental in creating this. She has personally fitted thousands of women over her 30-year career in the intimates world. Bra fitting is as much an art as it is a science and after watching her over countless workshops and hundreds of hours of fit trials, the Nudea team has brought the best of her “brain” to the online world.

The last problem area, and perhaps the one we think of least, is the centre front. Your wires should run flush against the sternum, no pressing in or lifting away… How does yours fit? #nudealingerie #lingerie #brafitting #fitissues #brafacts #lingerie101

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Nudea’s bespoke measuring tape measure revolutionizes the way women can measure themselves, ultimately empowering women to fit themselves as and when they need. Created after looking at an outdated measuring process and asking why does it need to be so complicated. Nudea is also running ‘Fit Parties’ with bra fitting experts to remove the stigma around talking about breast shapes, sizes and issues.

Nudea CEO and Co-Founder, Priya Downes, concludes: “For the past two years, we have researched more than 600 women to understand the issues they face getting fitted, choosing and finally purchasing a bra. By being customer-focused, challenging and dissecting each step in the customer journey we have been able to perfect our product and direct-to-consumer proposition. By giving women the tools to achieve comfort and style via the online fit quiz, fit parties and Nudea’s tape measure, women needn’t dread the stuffy, poorly lit fitting room experience any longer. We are staging a rebellion against badly fitted lingerie.”

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