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By Ellen Lewis

For a variety of reasons, financial, logistical and personal, it’s not always easy to attend trade shows. New York, Las Vegas, Miami, LA, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong there are a multitude of choices and as Intimate Apparel merchants and designers, we need to weigh the pros and cons. In my opinion, the biggest priority is the impact this investment will have on your bottom line. Like any other business decision, it is just a balance between risk and advantage.……Read more

Paris Wrap

I am back in New York and this was a very positive exposition. Katie Peachesa that will impact the design and merchandising decisions made in Lingerie businesses throughout 2012 were reinforced. Helped by the extensive research presented in the forums and conferences directed by bothConcepts Parisat andNelly Rodi, the color, fabric and silhouette direction was clear. Here are some of their major statements:

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