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Friday Feeling In My Riga’s!!

So I am back in an old pair (well not that old) of my Oroblu Riga’s as it has been a while! Plus I haven’t been in a Cuban heel for a long time now, so I thought whilst the weather is dry (but still freezing), it would a good time to get them out!

Get your pair from UKTights (that’s where I purchased mine) –Search forOroblu Riga 20 Seamed Tights(Mine is nude and black)

I was scrolling through my Instagram looking for some inspiration and I saw these babies pop up out the blue, and I remember my review on them was really good!

Now I know some of you are gonna be like ‘I saw these on your story yesterday’ – I am working ahead of time my lovelies! I am on such a roll this week and hoping to keep that up – so technically you’re getting an exclusive preview of what’s coming up during the week!!!

Red Lingerie

Keeping it simple today with my cream bodysuit, floral skirt and the pop of colour with my shoes! I was opting for plum court shoes, but I haven’t brought these out for a while and thought it’s a good way of showing the Cuban heel at the back instead of covering them! I know some people don’t agree as it ‘doesn’t look good’ – well guess what? I don’t care because I think it looks pretty awesome. Large Dildos ’s something different, and yes people don’t normally do it. They wouldn’t dream of showing the heels unless it’s plain or patterned; well I wanted to be different and show the workmanship of these beauties!

I left my hair down (I would have done it up but the back on this top is really low and not that appropriate for work so I had to try and cover it up little) and just added studs to finish the look.

You can always go ahead and add a necklace so your neck isn’t left bare, but I didn’t have time this morning to whack one on!

My Deets:

Bodysuit: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Oroblu Riga via UKTights

Shoes: Zara

This isn’t a review of the tights but more of my OOTD as the last time I wore these, it was with a black lace dress and some black shoes. So as mentioned before, I wanted to work with it differently!

If you would like to read the review on these and see what I thought >Click here

Otherwise…. Enjoy 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Friday Feeling In My Riga’s!! ”

Wow, wow, wow, do I Loveee the shiny tan! It compliments your obvious beauty so precisely. Very very grand! I hope for similar gems in the future. Please keep up Extra Powerful Vibrators , and be well.

Amazing !!! Just wanted to let you know that your pics are my screen savers at home and work. Love Sex Machines .

These are just lovely. Too right showing the Cuban heels off 😍😍😍

I just love a contrasting seam. So sexy and elegant at the same time.

So impressed with your blog ethic atbyhe minute Soni. You are non stop 😘😘😘

Totally correct.

Why even think of covering up one of its main features of beauty?

The look is stunning. 8 Of The Best Anal Foreplay TipsBody Jewellery ’re legs are exquisite. Full stop.


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